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Surveying on the Toyah Sub

December 15, 2009

Posted By Andy Nold on 12/13/2009 at 10:26 PM

OK, this wasn't the first clue that you shouldn't rely on Google Maps for directions, but it was one of the stronger clues. I believe I am on the north line of what may be a University School Land block headed east. My destination was a few miles north of the USL property, but after getting off course with the GOOGLE directions, this seemed to be going the direction I needed. Fortunately the gates were unlocked.

I did finally find a road sign that got me back in track with the GOOGLE directions, but the quality of the roads was not improving.

Here I am at the destination. The remains of a circa 1873 stagecoach stop on the Butterfield Overland Stagecoach route. Historians will remark that the Butterfield was abandoned at the beginning of the War of Northern Aggression, but this was a station put in on the trail after Ben Ficklin started running a stagecoach after the war. The route became known as the northern San Antonio to El Paso road.

She's leaning to port. The station was described as a rock house and is mentioned a couple of online diaries of overland immigrants. No much rock left except the chimney and a pile of stones to the northwest.

Cap'n! I don't know how long she'll hold together!

Apparently, someone took the rocks from the station to build or reinforce the corral:

Not sure how this rusting remnant found its way here. One could imagine that someone was trying to pick their way along the trail in the 1920s and didn't make it.

The years are taking their toll.

The quad sheet for this area shows a gravesite indicator near the windmill. I saw no sign of the grave. I am curious if it was a passing immigrant fell ill or victim of altercation with Indians or what.

Nearby windmill. I bet the station agent would have been happy to have this reliable source of water back in his days.

The flavor was good. Just a hint of limestone.

You could almost imagine what it was like except the occasional intrustion of modernity through the sky and the plethora of deer stands amongst the mesquite.

Another view for good measure. You can never have too many windmill shots.

Taking a shot. I will run this point through Opus RS tomorrow. Love that Bluetooth.

This is the commonly recognized SE corner of the station's 640 acre survey which was prepared for George Maverick (I think Samuel Maverick's son) who I believe was working with or bankrolling Ben Ficklin.

The original description for this corner is an "iron stake" which others report as recovering an iron pin. There is a 2 inch iron pipe there now which, for the time being, I assume is a perpetuation of the original pin.

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