Point of Beginning

Monday hike in the mountains

August 26, 2009

Posted By Ridge Line on 8/26/2009 at 1:22 AM

Just about did myself in. Went for the last corner late, didn't get back the to the truck until after dark. It's not good to be in the mountains in new territory hiking in the dark. One of the downsides of solo surveying, no buddy system.

It was a good day(night) though as I found the corners where the GLO notes said they were in 1916 and 1929.


BASE another direction

Southeast Corner Brass Cap

Southeast Corner area

Northeast Corner (Township Corner) Brass cap

Township Corner Stone and Brass cap. Stone marked all four edges.

Forest Service 1/16 corner.

Forest Service Corner area.

North quarter corner set in big mound over bedrock.

North quarter corner Brass cap (poor photo – big hike – probably ain't going back).

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