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Positional Tolerance and Adjusting Traverse Data Part 1

August 24, 2009

Posted By Larry P on 8/24/2009 at 10:02 AM

Quite a few times now I've taught classes on Positional Tolerance, Traverse Data Adjustment, Least Squares software and the new ACSM-ALTA standards.

I propose over the next week or so to take a more detailed look at the subject of adjusting traverse data. It is a complex topic. Many of my fellow professionals hold strong (often conflicting) opinions on whether or how data should be adjusted. So long as we can keep the debate civil I think it is worthwhile taking another look at the topic.

Call this post, Part 1. Other parts will follow, so please resist the urge to move the topic along prematurely.

One of the most common things I hear from students is something like this:

"I got good closure so that means I met the positional tolerance requirements."

My position on this matter is pretty clear. But I'd like to hear the thoughts of others. I have an example data set to be used throughout this series. The example data set has an error of closure ratio of 1:172,000.

So the question is: "Does that data meet the ACSM-ALTA positional tolerance standard?"

Let the discussion begin.

Larry P

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