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Grid to Surface

November 6, 2009

Posted By Dacid Cleghorn on 11/6/2009 at 8:07 AM

I have located a man hole with state plane coordinates and the Civi Engineering firm has requested that I assist with with a scale factor for the surface to grid conversion. Being a field engineer for a construction firm I am not qualified or trained to provide them with this information. I would like some assistance on this matter and possibly some direction so that I can become more familiar with this. We are located in Fort Worth Tx. and the coordintes for the manhole are N 6954258.7797 E 2324825.6299. The Civl engineering firm is wanting this information for there GIS database. I am sure they have someone in house that could provide them this imformation but I would like this opportunity to pointed in the right direction so I can begin to study this and grow. Thank you all in advance.

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