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automation in the office

May 11, 2009

Posted By Andrew Johnson on 5/10/2009 at 9:18 PM

I've been trying to get my office research more streamlined, mainly at the 'brainstorming' stage , and thought I would see what all is out there that I might not even know about.

GIS - for in house research of 10+ years of surveys

How could this be used to 'automatically' create a folder with copies of pdfs, surveys, plats and deeds from in house records?

would it be worth it to just get upgraded on Autocad and get Map, or would a seat of ESRI be a stronger option? ( I've been screwing around on 2000 with LDD forever, but never really trained)

How many of you use the internet for clients for initial job data, deliverable access or WHATEVER??

I've been thinking about the credit card options, and have been opposed but am changing my mind. How do you use CC for business and what do you recommend for setting it up?

I really want to use technology to streamline the bottlenecks in my business. I see some problem areas as

1)redundant or missing initial research, usually because a nearby project that might be helpful for control is actually in a different subdivision.

2) scheduling and keeping to it.

3) keeping up the database of control points which causes a lot of wasted time downstream when I just 'know' we did something right next door, but can't get my hands on it...

I'm hoping to hear what people are doing, or thinking about in their companies that have really helped, large and small.


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