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April 26, 2010

Posted By Deral at Home on 4/25/2010 at 9:39 AM

It was a fine day in SW Oklahoma and thinking of all our friends now checking in to motels around Phoenix for the ACSM conference got us itching to do a little road trip of our own.

One of our noted artists had passed away recently and so I searched the web and found a map of all of his display sculptures in our area. The artist is Robert Dean and does mainly metal artwork. Either life size or oversized. So we laid out our plans and it also had us passing a few places that I wanted to stop and get some pictures of some survey marks.

So that was our plan yesterday.

First stop was at the Cougar in Medicine Park. The rustic looks of the bronze and other materials fits perfectly well in the round rock homes and mostly nostalgic town.


On our little tour we pulled off at Lake Jed Johnson to examine some survey caps. These mostly have no punch marks and were set by a contractor back in the early 80's but they were never surveyed in and only set for some other work done on the dams. These were really in the middle between Lawton and our Lakes so we never got the opportunity to shoot any of these during my previous job. 

I wish I had just a basic dual frequency unit to go and fish a little while putting these into OPUS-DB. Maybe that will happen. This area has very little control since they could see almost everywhere from atop Mount Scott to the NE of this lake.

With the mountain range (don't laugh all of you with real mountains) then it might be an interesting project to examine the geoid model in this area with enough OPUS-DB sessions.


The mark is just under the railing and the wind was blowing about 40mph so I didn't walk down to this one.

Here is a close up of one near the top part of the dam.


Turns out these things are all over the place. Down the road at another lake and one set in the steps down to the dam.


And this a really interesting structure sticking up all by itself. I need to do some research on it but I think it might have been a fire watch tower in the early days of the refuge.


But of course, even windy it was a nice day and we again made lots of friends on our little jaunt. Hundreds, maybe thousands of bikes around on days like this and no alcohol, no bad language and no talk of drugs. Seems everyone carries a camera and is mostly just exploring. 

Bruce and Janet were kind enough to snap this photo with Gale and I. Janet is a professional photographer and had a really fantastic rig in their bike. Her and Daryl could have spent some time discussing things like shutter speeds, lenses and framing. She just took this one with my camera.

Kinda funny but when she took my camera but I felt like I was handing a Kia to an F1 driver. :)


They have really done a great job in Medicine Park and I'm guessing that they have about 85% of it restored. Here is one that has a little bit left to go though. I think they are going to need a roof!

We popped in at a popular bike accessory spot in Medicine Park called Chaps my Arse. Tires, jackets,and all sorts of other stuff. Including beer. 

This is a neat little resort town that catered to the likes of Al Capone and others back in their glory years so I guess I should not be surprised. The police are like a college town crew in that they say, be respectful of others, don't litter, don't be stupid and have fun.

You can have a beer while you walk around town just exploring all the oddities it has to offer. I had my one for the ride on the front porch. 


All in all a pretty darn nice day. 

Darned wind is still blowing today but with temps in the high 70's then we will find someplace else to explore this afternoon.

I think I will make a nice pick-a-nick basket filled with sliced Tillamook cheese, some crackers and that wonderful Marionberry Jam. Yum. Yum...


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