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City to pursue aerial surveys

January 5, 2009
Sealy Economic Development Corporation in Texas opts for an aerial survey over LiDAR to provide topographic mapping and high-resolution aerial imaging.

By ASHLEY TOMPKINS, Managing Editor
Developers wanting to build in Sealy may soon have a new tool in their belt.
The Sealy Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) is moving forward with plans to fund an aerial survey of the city to provide topographic mapping and high-resolution aerial imaging.
The idea, said City Manager Chris Coffman, is to allow developers the opportunity to make a quick, low-cost assessment, come to Sealy and develop.
The area in question is roughly 29,000 acres, or 45 square miles.
SEDC board members have approved the city moving forward with the project, but no official action can be taken until a public hearing is held later this month that would allow the SEDC to amend its budget to pay the $75,000 expense by transferring in funds from the city’s general fund.
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