"Wheres the Center", Again

March 9, 2009

Posted By Paul G DOPUCH on 3/8/2009 at 4:36 PM

Back on 10/3/2007 I posted a pdf

and asked where's the Center of the Section? I received many excellent responses. I made my decision to Hold the position established by the 1874 (& 1897) County Surveyor. However, I am from the Great Deed Staking State of MO (even though we must comply with min standards for "PROPERTY BOUNDARY" surveys...not "Deed" Surveys). I am now being questioned why I did not use the stautory Center. Something in the Oct 2007 response from Richard Schaut got me thinking whether that this subdivision more closely represents "aliquot parts" rather than MO's Statutory procedure. The County Surveyor in 1874 set the midpoint of the N-S line connecting the N & S 1/4 corners, he divided the section into the E & W 1/2's and by setting the midpoint of that line, he would have divided those halves into N & S halves. If you quarter these “halves of halves”, would these not be considered “quarters”? Surprisingly, the method that the 1874 County Surveyor used more closely results in subdivision of this section into “aliquot” parts (by the definition of aliquot). Just because the Center is not set by Statutory procedure, I don't see where an "aliquot" part description would be in error using the 1874 position.

Once again, any help is appreciated.

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