Sub-Meter GPS advice

March 25, 2009

Posted By Tim Delbene PLS FL on 3/25/2009 at 7:32 AM

Need some advice.

We have an opportunity to do some location work (test holes, etc) over several thousand acres. The area is somewhat remote, has sparse control points and a lot of vegetation (planted trees, forest, canopy).

I think using static to create more control for RTK will be too costly over the large area...also the conditions would likely cause communication problems rover-to-base.

I believe that the accuracy needs might lend itself to backpack sub-meter GPS. The crew would need to move quickly and stake locations within 30 feet of given coords.

We know nothing about sub-meter equipment, having never used it. What pitfalls and/or advantages might we have with it in this situation?

Thanks for the input.


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