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February 4, 2009

Posted By Deral at Home on 2/3/2009 at 5:58 PM

The weather has taken a turn for the better but I have been chained to a computer, temporarily re-assigned to help the 911 folks deliver on the E911 phase 2 project. I have hit an impass on three different parts and am awaiting some answers from those at the pay grades that make those sorts of decisions so I had some time this afternoon to help Michael.

We did one special project that we finished up late but I'll get to that later.

We have a rather large project east of town that has spawned into it's own little file cabinet with research and field work.

As part of this we noticed that we would have an opportunity to again use a NGS point overlooking a huge part of this area. The point is Zella (PID EM0621) and is listed as a second order horizontal with a scaled vertical.

We have Zella in our latest network but we had never used the azimuth mark or in fact looked for it I think. 1996 was a couple of years ago.:)

The Mark itself and all the RM's were atop a hill well out into a private field and were still in fine shape. Nothing but cows around and they dont' tend to steal caps. They can however but rought on tripods.

The azimuth mark was supposed to be a 1/4 mile north of the mark next to the county road and just 0.5' inside the right of way fence. This mark would be much better suited for anyone needing a place to drop a base so we decided that tomorrow we would do an OPUS-DB on both Zella and on the Azimuth mark.

The first step was finding the azimuth mark. It was listed as 12 west of a gate in a fence. This gate leads to the station itself.

Hmm. No such azimuth found after a careful search.

Using the topo and the ds sheet and a simple compass I discovered that this was not very close to the azimuth as recorded. As I walked down the road to where the azimuth led me then I spied a cut in the ground that led up the hill and back to the other road. A couple of braces posts seemed to say that this might have been the fence in 1960 or so that they found. 12 over and woohoo.

There she lay just as she had been set.

I give you the Zella azimuth.


Our recon complete for Michaels work tomorrow for some OPUS-DB we went to pick up the units that he had dropped off this morning on two other points.

These points are both in our network and have been used many times. Located at the McMahon park which has numerous softball fields, a skate park and an inline hockey rink in the SW part of town.

Part of our QC nowdays is to do some OPUS-DB on points in our network to put them on the NGS web page and these fit our profile but they had another very special purpose today.

The park is a place where fun is had, skills learned and we felt it fitting for one of the points about to be renamed.

Michael is pictured adding the final stamping to one of our geodetic monuments.


And this is a shot showing the background. You can see the new bathroom and the skateboard park. I love this place and often come down on a weekend or after work to listen to the latest tunes the kids play while watching them attempt to defeat the laws of physics.

The park has a nice path around it and it and I and many of my neighbors use this as our excercise track.


Michael and I though it a fitting place for our new mark. A place that signified life, fun and learning.

And here is the newly stamped mark. A tribute to someone that neither Michael or I have ever met.

Michael was not happy with his "H" but you only get one chance. :)


I'll list it on the OPUS-DB sheet as Schwing.

"And the wind cries Mary"


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