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January 19, 2009

Posted By Deral at Home on 1/18/2009 at 4:00 PM

Let's say for discussion that a surveyor has now found about 20 or more center of the section stones. All above any reasonable doubt. Set in the same fashion (see user profile) and undisturbed by my opinion.

And he has some lost corners that are at 1/4's on the section lines.

Would it be possible to make a case to reset the 1/4's based on the centers absent any other evidence of the 1/4 corners?

Using proportion to calculate a point(holding pins and non original evidence) sometimes differs by 2-10' from the geometry using the original points and the plat. No fences or other things in this puzzle. Just some centers and little else. Deeds all call for complete quarters and no subdivisions have been done.

Let's add that you have many other lines retraced of the same GLO surveyor who had proven that he ran diligent and true lines between many original points found.

Kent pointed this out in the Stone vs the Pipe as a means of search areas.

Could it be actually applied to setting corners and calling them obliterated instead of lost and then apply the proportion means?

The manual does not speak of this but it is making some sense to me to at least explore this option.


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