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toughbook internet access, anywhere

November 3, 2008

Posted By donald poole on 11/2/2008 at 10:42 AM

I have a panasonic toughbook that I use in the field, infrequently, and I am wondering how to get internet access anywhere.

I can access wireless if there is a wireless home nearby that is open and not protected, but that is a rare occurrence.

What sort of cheap (or free) access programs are available?

It is a rather old toughbook, but my son rebuilt it and it does run carlson 2008 standalone fine as well as the necessary sokkia programs required to download the gps units.

My goal is to be able to submit rinex data to opus so that I can get an answer as to the health of my data before leaving the field....

I know that some of you do this frequently, what do you use?

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