Looking to get New Total Station - Nikon? or Topcon?

August 13, 2008

Posted By Garry Bunk on 8/13/2008 at 7:54 AM

Our firm is looking to buy another total station (most likely buy new). I am targetting 3 second guns with reflectorless at least under $10k. We currently own a 3 yr old Topcon GPT-3003. I have loved working with Topcon's in the past, but this gun has been very disappointing. It doesn't seem to hold it's vertical collimation. Vertical checks on backsights have only been "ok" for the most part. I've discussed this issue before, so I am just here to discuss other guns today.

At this years surveyor's conference I spoke with a Topcon rep. about our current gun's disappointment and he said we should have stepped up to the 700 / 7000 series if we wanted an accurate gun. So I am considering the GPT-7503 & GTS-753 (w/ color touch-sceens & Onboard Topsurv). I am also looking into Nikons. I've never used a Nikon before, but am interested, especially in light of the current disappointment with our Topcon.

What are other's thoughts on Topcon vs. Nikon? Should we stick with Topcon due to our familiarity with our current one's operation? Or would we have no difficulty at all switching back & forth between a Nikon & Topcon? Any opinions / info. is appreciated!


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