December 1, 2008

Posted By Bob Manley on 11/28/2008 at 5:13 PM

Those of us that use LDD have been informed that at our next subscription renewal we will not be receiving any further releases of LDD. All we will get is Civil 3D.

But I do not use Civil 3D. It is a completely different program from LDD and the learning curve to switch over appears to be very steep. So I see no real purpose in my continuing to pay Autodesk that $1k per year for a software package I do not use.

I'm leaning toward going with Carlson's stand alone package. I already use Carlson SurvCE and their add on package for LDD, so the move would have a minimal learning curve and the renewal fees on subscription are a fraction of Autodesk's.

How many others out there are in the same situation and what have you decided to do about it? Just looking to see if there is a trend away from Autodesk because of this decision to kill the LDD line.


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