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October 27, 2008

Posted By donald poole on 10/25/2008 at 9:48 PM

Has anyone else on this board actually filed a complaint with their BOR on a 'brother'?

I rec'd in the mail a certified plot plan prepared by someone I know and it included a copy of a letter from the local building inspector.

The plot plan showed a dimension from a foundation corner to the property line which met the setback requirement. There was shown another corner obviously closer to the property line but not dimensioned.

I sent the letter and plan off to the BOR. The BOR reacted within about 3 weeks and I rec'd a call from the surveyor. We are acquainted and friendly but not close friends. He was first of all disappointed that I had not called him first (good point, but I didn't want to judge and jury) and then he explained that the client wasn't supposed to turn that plan in, it was just for discussion....

I suggested that he write a letter and have the client write a letter explaining the situation and maybe the board would understand.

I explained that I was required under our statues to report the plan and since I rec'd it anonymously I felt that as the current president of our chapter I felt doubly obligated to send the plan in and make a complaint.

In retrospect I wish I called him and warned him ahead of time, but I would have still sent it I think... I am going to send a letter on his behalf because I do feel that this is not representive of his usual work.

There is one other facet of this though, he is a local town surveyor doing this work on the side (permitted if he doesn't work in the same town as his "real job" in MA.)



PS his father was a highly respected local land surveyor and he worked with him from childhood until his dad's death. I have not had a problem following his work and I do think that there were some extenuating circumstances in this case.....

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