Ring Ring

September 10, 2008

Posted By Steven A. Gardner on 9/9/2008 at 7:48 PM

We got a call this afternoon and my secretary says it's someone from a title company looking for a title inspection. I thought that sounded interesting and took the call. Turns out he was looking for a dreaded "Mortgage Survey", I think. In over 30 years working in California, I've never had a request for one of these, at least not from a title company based in California.

I asked him if he meant ALTA Survey and he said no, not really a survey, just show the house location and any encroachments, you don't have to get out the "scope" or anything. I said that sounded like a survey to me according to California State Law. He said the guy that usually does these for him in Northern Cal. has jury duty so he's just calling around. He says they usually run about $75 apiece and one person can do four or five of them a day. Is this what is referred to as a Mortgage Survey in other states? What good are they other than to report that the house they're closing on is probably on the lot described in the title report? Anybody else in California getting calls like this lately? Spooky.

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