Weekend trip to East Texas doesn't disappoint

August 11, 2008

Posted By Kent McMillan on 8/11/2008 at 1:40 AM

Here are some photos of the weekend's trip to East Texas. This will save you ever having to actually go to East Texas yourself, so think of this as a sort of public service.

Here is the station that was used for the base receiver for the connection to NAD83 via OPUS. I'd tell you how good the OPUS solution was from more than 6 hrs. of data, but the solution was No. 161 in the processing queue when the data was uploaded. Travellers may expect a wait on NGS Airlines today.

Same station, 6 hrs. later.

All of the ranch didn't look exactly like that station, however.

This appears to be a multiple choice corner back in the woods. The receiver is occupying a rod and cap monument that I plugged in first thing when I arrived and set to logging data on.

Once the receiver was going, I started to look for the corner and turned up the other two markers, both apparently by the same surveyor. Can't tell you why there are two to choose from at this corner.

Apparently East Texas surveyors follow some other unusual customs. Or rather, I should say that I've never seen this particular practice before, so it struck me as odd.

Here is a tree that bears a new mark "X" with hacks above and below, (and larger than any 19th century surveyor's mark I've ever seen). It was apparently marked as a BT for a new iron rod placed to mark a survey corner (by the PVC pipe in the foreground).

Close-up of new mark on BT.

That mark is about four years old and is on the West face of that oak. But on the North face of the same tree is this old scar of a mark "X":

East Texas is meeting expectations so far.

Best regards,
Kent McMillan, RPLS Austin TX

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