Challenge to Texas colleagues

July 8, 2008

Posted By Kent McMillan on 7/6/2008 at 11:41 AM
A day or two ago Nate deAryan posted a link to various pdf images of survey maps that were filed in Arkiesaw by actual surveyors.
I was interested to see what passes for land surveying there and just did a search of all maps filed within the last six months or so. (Nate hasn't filed any maps in the last four or five years, so I didn't look at any of his.)
In a word, "wow!". Unless I missed it, there wasn't a single map filed that didn't have something wrong with it by Texas minimum standards.
It is worth taking a look, even if only for entertainment. The "metes and bounds" descriptions are almost uniformly hilariously misguided efforts, lacking the basics that one takes for granted.
If you haven't seen any of the Arkiesaw maps, they are worth a look.
Arkiesaw Plack Maps
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Kent McMillan, RPLS Austin TX