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River bottom topo - looking for ideas

April 16, 2008

Posted on 4/16/2008 at 7:52 AM
I'm looking for some ideas for ways to accurately (and safely) topo the bottom of a river. The scope is to do a topo of an area adjacent to the river and the bottom of the river. The river is approximately 100' wide and is just south of the dam. It has a pretty rapid current and according to the CORPS of Engineers, the dam is currently releasing 24 hrs/day as we've called to see if there are times when the water level and current might be more appealing to enter.
We've thought about a raft or boat. The current is too strong for a raft and boat would probably be too hard to control that close to the dam. According to the crew, the water actually appears to be flowing back towards the dam (near the water level) probably due to turbulance or hydrolic jump.
Any ideas or 'from experience' explanations would be appreciated.