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CAD Dwgs, Plagiarism, etc.

March 19, 2008

I'm working on a project for some engineers.

Their client provided CAD dwgs of the site that were performed by another surveyor/engineer several years ago. They paid for the dwgs and parted ways.

Now I'm doing the boundary and topo-ing part of the parcel. The town is going to want to see the full topo of the entire parcel, even in the area that we are not dealing with.

Since the other surveyor was paid, is it possible (ethical) to show the topo of the rest of the area (faded back, with my new topo in the forefront), with a statement of where it came from?

As I wrote, I am performing new topo in the areas that are going to be affected by the project.

I don't know why the town is requiring the topo for the whole site. But, of course, the engineers don't want to tell the client that they'll have to pay for a whole new topo.

The engineers obviously don't understand the problem with doing it. But I'm having doubts. I'm definitely not trying to pass the old topo off as my own - and I also don't want to take responsibility for it. And I don't want the other surveyor, or anyone else to accuse me of plagiarism.


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