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FARO TECHNOLOGIES INC. releases version 4.0 of 3D laser scanning

January 1, 2007

FARO TECHNOLOGIES INC. released version 4.0 of its 3D laser scanning software packages for FARO Scene, FARO Scout, FARO Scout LT and FARO Record. The software packages are used for viewing, administrating, calibrating, filtering and managing large 3D point clouds collected with the FARO Laser Scanner LS. Version 4.0 features: intrinsic use of inclination sensor for faster registration, constraint-plane fit for high-accuracy plane positioning, easy export of slices, export of objects in DXF format, contrast adjustment to improve point-cloud visualization and automatic filtering. Additionally, version 4.0 features enhanced firmware, which is available for free to existing LS customers. (FARO, Lake Mary, Fla.)