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Maptech announces Pocket Navigator software displays topographic maps and aerial land photos on Pocket PC handhelds

October 1, 2006
Maptech announced that Pocket Navigator software displays Maptech Terrain Navigator Pro topographic maps and aerial land photos on Pocket PC handhelds. USGS topo maps and aerial photos can be transferred from Terrain Navigator Pro to a computer and to a Pocket PC using Pocket Navigator software. The software also converts a GPS receiver to a handheld. The Pocket Navigator can create routes by tapping on the screen, mark planning tools and track previous destinations on a map. The Pocket Navigator 5.1.2 requires: Pocket PC OS 2002 to Mobile 5; 4MB of free memory; Active Sync 3.0 (or higher); and additional storage for charts, maps and photos. Desktop software requires: Windows 2000 or XP; Pentium processor; 32 MB of RAM; 8 MB free on hard drive for installation; and a mouse or drawing equivalent. (Maptech, Amesbury, Mass.)