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New Nikon Total Stations: DTM-652, NPL-632 & NPL-522

June 27, 2006
TOKYO, June 16, 2006 -- Nikon-Trimble Co., Ltd. introduced today the 602 Series of Nikon Total Stations, new high-precision mechanical total stations that includes both a prism and prismless (reflectorless) model. The Company also added a reflectorless model to the popular Nikon 502 Series. Each of the new models combine superior Nikon quality, performance and reliability, making them ideal for a variety of construction and surveying applications. The new Nikon products are expected to be available by the end of June 2006 through Tripod Data Systems (TDS) in the United States and Trimble internationally.

The 602 Series Models

The 602 Series adds extensive functionality to the Nikon Total Station solutions. Both the DTM-652 and NPL-632 feature a CompactFlash (CF) slot and a USB port, making it fast and easy for surveyors to transfer field data to their office computers. The high accuracy model DTM-652 is one of the fastest total stations in its class, and it offers 1" angle and 2+2 ppm distance measurement capabilities. The NPL-632 features 2" accuracy and reflectorless operation with 3+2 ppm distance measurement accuracy.

The 502 Series Model

The NPL-522 adds prismless operation to the speed and precision that made the DTM-522 one of the best-selling 3-second total stations in America. It features 3" accuracy and reflectorless operation with 3+2 ppm distance measurement accuracy.

As with all Nikon survey products, the DTM-652, NPL-632 and NPL-522 include Nikon's world-renowned optics, which deliver brighter images even in low-visibility conditions. Their all-weather construction and long-life batteries allow surveyors to work all day in any weather condition.