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MicroSurvey Releases FieldGenius 2006

January 9, 2006

The 6th major FieldGenius upgrade is available immediately from MicroSurvey. Packed with useful features, this release was created with the goal of streamlining operation on a minute-by-minute basis. According to Jason Poitras, Director of Product Development, "Beta testers have reported a 15% increase in productivity with the new version".

Some of the highlights include:

  • More power and flexibility in the automatic linework
  • A fully integrated, RPN mode calculator
  • A completely remapped and customizable keyboard
  • Streamlined entry and selection of descriptions
  • New measurement modes for reflectorless instruments

Many more features are listed on the update page HYPERLINK "http://www.microsurvey.com/products/fieldgenius/fieldgenius-2006-upgrade-features.htm" www.microsurvey.com/products/fieldgenius Upgrades are available for current FieldGenius owners starting at $295US or $345CDN.

With FieldGenius 2006, MicroSurvey has divided the product into modules, an approach used by many data collection software developers. FieldGenius 2006 consists of four modules: "Standard", for total station use; "Advanced", for roading (and other extended features); "Robotic", for robot support; and "GPS", for GPS support. A "Premium" version containing all modules is also available.

While FieldGenius 2006 Standard has a lower price-point than the previous "all inclusive" version it replaces, customers that wish to purchase additional modules will pay more for FieldGenius 2006 than for the previous version.