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PixSell Releases BasinSoft 12.06.2001

December 6, 2001
BasinSoft computes more than 30 parameters of watersheds and more.

PixSell Inc. announced the release of BasinSoft, a user-friendly GIS application program designed for hydrology and watershed analysis. BasinSoft computes more than 30 parameters of watersheds for use as inputs to a wide range of regional flood frequency, low-flow, and surface-water runoff regression equations and open-channel flow and water-quality models that require measurement of drainage basin morphology as input parameters. This is the first time BasinSoft is available to the commercial GIS market. BasinSoft requires a full installation of ESRI’s ArcINFO 7.2 or later. While the spatial computations carried out by the application are complex, the user is guided through the requisite preprocessing steps and model initiation by a set of intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUIs), similar to what a user might experience with a Windows or Macintosh platform.