Cyra Updates Cyclone v3.1 12.06.2001

December 6, 2001
Cyra Technologies, Inc. released the latest version of its software suite for processing data from 3D Laser Scanning systems, Cyclone v3.1. Cyclone v3.1 has a suite of three modules, Cyclone MODEL v3.1, Cyclone-MANAGE-v3.1, and, Cyclone SCAN 3.1. Cyclone v3.1 has several new features: Faster navigation of large point clouds via graphics based on “level-of-detail” (LOD) imaging; Advanced data compression that helps reduce point cloud loading times up to 50 percent; Faster workflow using a “limit box” that lets users view only regions of interest; Faster workflow via merged “ModelSpaces” that allow users to merge their work; Cross-database referencing that reduces file copying on large projects; Dedicated “ControlSpace” that facilitates registration of multiple point clouds to each other and to control survey points and customizable ASCII output for easier, faster interface with other applications.