Point of Beginning


November 8, 2001
The U.S. Geological Survey, Geologic Discipline, requires a firm to conduct aeromagnetic surveys in Nevada. The contractor must furnish labor, materials and facilities to conduct a helicopter aeromagnetic survey and to provide digitally recorded and processed aeromagnetic data. Interested parties must complete the request for quotation 02CRQQ0023 at http://ideasec.usgs.gov/ or requests for the RFQ must be submitted by U.S. Mail at U.S. Geological Survey, APS P.O. Box 25046, MS204B, Denver Federal Center, Denver, CO 80225 or faxed to 303-236-2710. They must contain the RFQ number, the requester’s name, complete street address, telephone and fax number.

Sonja Tweten, purchasing agent, 303-236-9335