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PixSell Inc. and GBTech To Develop Generic Landsat Data Viewer 09.05.2002

September 5, 2002
NASA Stennis Space Center in Mississippi issued the delivery order.

PixSell Inc., a privately-held Mississippi corporation, today announced that the Earth Science Applications Directorate (ESAD) at the NASA Stennis Space Center in Mississippi has issued a delivery order to design and develop a Generic Landsat Viewer application for the EarthSat GeoCover Digital LandSat Mosaics. The Generic Landsat Mosaic Data Viewer contract is a fixed-price delivery order under the Remote Sensing Data Services IDIQ contract. GBTech, an 8(a) company, is the prime contractor on the RSDS contract. The Generic Landsat Viewer delivery order is a modification and enhancement of the U.S. Digital LandSat Mosaic Viewer that PixSell developed in 2001. The Generic Landsat Viewer will be a "stand-alone" application, enabling users to start with a view of the entire globe and allow the user to "drill down" to more detailed imagery on an area of interest.

The Generic Landsat Viewer will be a DVD based product, capable of running on Windows 98 and Windows NT computer systems. The Generic Landsat Viewer will be capable of displaying imagery for all global land areas on a multiple DVD set, and will be designed to work with any geo-referenced imagery in tiff format acquired by NASA under the Scientific Data Purchase Program. The Generic Landsat Viewer will provide functions such as pan, zoom in, and zoom out, and prompt the user to load the required DVD if the imagery of the desired area of interest is not contained on the active DVD. The user interface will also provide a display of the latitude and longitude coordinates of the current cursor position over the image. The Generic Landsat Viewer will provide the capability to incorporate map overlays with the imagery data that can be toggled on or off by the user. These overlays may consist of major roads and highways, state boundaries, county boundaries, major city boundaries and large water bodies.

Under the Remote Sensing Data Services (RSDS) contract, GBTech and PixSell provide a range of remote sensing data support and management services to the NASA Stennis Space Center. PixSell is a subcontractor to GBTech on the RSDS IDIQ contract, which was originally awarded September 1998.