SECO Introduces ATV Pole Bracket System 10.07.2003

October 7, 2003
SECO’s new ATV bracket system is perfect for mobile surveyors.

SECO Manufacturing Company, Incorporated recently rolled out another innovative surveying accessory—the 5198-50 ATV Pole Bracket System.

This system, designed to fit a rover rod and radio antenna pole—both sold separately—to an ATV, makes mobile surveying much easier and safer. This new system easily connects to the ATV’s luggage rack with U-bolts; and only standard tools are required for assembly.

The system secures 1" to 1-1/4" diameter poles. The quick-clamp handles make loading and unloading them fast.

Use a collector bracket such as the SECO #5199 Ball-and-Socket data collector bracket —sold separately—on the ATV handlebars.

Source: SECO, Oct. 3, 2003