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Visi Image Announces New 3dguru LR System 12.10.03

December 10, 2003
This new laser scanner offers an extended range of 36.5m on all sides.

Visi Image announces the addition of a long range (LR) unit to its product line of high speed hemispherical laser scanners. Clients may now take advantage of the 3Dguru LR system, which offers a range of 36.5m on all sides of the scanner, extended from 21.5m in 1st Generation (SR) systems.

The 3Dguru LR unit provides both a horizontal and vertical resolution of +/-1.8mm at 32m, while capturing dimensional data at a speed of 210,000 points per second. With a maximum range of 36.5m, the 3Dguru LR system generates an extremely dense hemispherical data set with a diameter of 73m.

Source: Visi Image, Nov. 14, 2003