Prosurv LLC Releases Prosurv CE Version 3.7.3 and Prosurv PC Version 2.2.5 08.01.2003

August 1, 2003
Prosurv LLC Prosurv CE is comprehensive surveying Data Collection software for Windows CE Handheld PC. Prosurv PC is full-blown Data Collection for your PC or Laptop. Prosurv CE Version 3.7.3 and Prosurv PC Version 2.2.5 offer many new enhancements and greatly increase the broad spectrum of supported surveying devices.
  • Leica TCA/TCRA 1100 Series Robotic Support in Prosurv CE or Prosurv PC
  • Continuous Auto Topo. Select every n seconds, x feet, z feet, or combo (x and z).
  • Continuous Auto Stakeout. Constantly updated come/go, left/right, north/east, and cut/fill. Includes graphic indication of point, with crosshairs as you ap-proach.
  • Continuous Auto Stake to Line. Constantly up-dated station/offset, to line amounts, and cut/fill to inter-nally computed proposed grade for that station, with graphic representation.
  • Auto Traverse completion. Automatically completes up to 8 sets of Close the Horizon traverse an-gles. Just sight the BS and FS once, Prosurv and the Leica Robot do the rest.
  • Full-featured remote control of the Leica Robotic instrument. Virtually all GeoCom commands can be accessed in the Parameters window, including full Joystick control, Automatic Zero Set, search parameters, targeting, target lock, and PowerSearch. Smart functions, such as the Zero Set button, automatically activate/deactivate functionality (ie ATR) when needed.
  • All Data Collection routines fully supported in both remote and direct connect modes. Backsight Zero Set is automatic in the Setup, Start Project, and Resection routines.
  • Download the Leica Robotic Supplement for Prosurv CE at Prosurv LLC Prosurv CE now available for the incredible Allegro CE Field PC by Juniper Systems (min 64/128MB configuration required). The 1/4 VGA display, which offers 18 percent more viewing area than comparable units, is enhanced in Prosurv CE by providing both Horizontal and Vertical scroll bars, giving you a full 550x550 underlying graphics screen. When using Prosurv CE on the Allegro CE in combination with a Leica Robotic instrument, the Leica internal radio modem is fully supported, eliminating the need for an external battery and radio modem.
  • A Full-Version 15 day free trial of Prosurv CE for the Allegro CE is available for download at our Prosurv web site.

The Prosurv CE for Allegro CE Quick Start and Installation Guide is available for download at

  • Prosurv PC, a full-blown data collection package for your PC or laptop, was introduced in January, 2003. Prosurv PC is not required if using Prosurv CE (both Prosurv CE and Prosurv PC are stand-alone packages). However, the user can benefit from added functionality when using both products. Prosurv PC contains all the functionality found in Prosurv CE, with several enhanced features. Functions unique to Prosurv PC are:
    • Bring Job from Device. This routine copies a Prosurv CE job from your CE device, converts it to a Microsoft Access database file (the standard format for a Prosurv PC job file), and then opens the job in Prosurv PC automatically, all in one easy step. The connection to your CE device is accomplished “behind the scenes” using Microsoft ActiveSync, through your USB or Serial connection.
    • Send Job to Device. This routine converts a Prosurv PC job to the Microsoft Pocket Access database format (the standard format for a Prosurv CE job file), and copies the job to your CE device in one easy step.
    • Restore Raw Data from Backup file. In the case of a rare corrupted CE database file, Prosurv PC can restore your Prosurv CE Raw Data using the automated backup text file. Prosurv CE automati-cally writes to the backup file every time data is stored in the raw data file.
    • Prosurv CE Version 3.7.3 and Prosurv PC Version 2.2.0 now include the following enhancements:
      • Quick Pick Station Offset. Tap any two points on-screen to define a line, then each subsequent tapped point gives the station and offset to that point, based on the line. Tap the Clear button to re-define the line.
      • Automatic Raw Data backup file (Prosurv CE only). In addition to storing raw data to the job’s database, Prosurv CE automatically stores a copy of the raw data to a simple sequential text file. This ensures that, even in the case of a rare corrupted database (job), your job data can be recovered, and field time has not been lost. Users can utilize the Restore Raw Data routine in Prosurv PC to easily re-create the job. The original raw data is restored verbatim from the backup file. Coordinates based on the raw data can then quickly be recomputed using the Re-Compute Raw Data routine. Prosurv CE users that don’t have Prosurv PC can e-mail the backup file to, and receive the restored job within 24 hours at no charge.
      • 3 SDMS Conversions. Separate Traverse, Topo, and Digital Level conversion routines convert Prosurv Raw Data into SDMS-compatible Raw Data. Special enhancements in Prosurv’s Digital Level and Close the Horizon Traverse routines allow for powerful conversion support, including automatic line number to figure number conversions (TC15 becomes FG:32) and much more.
      • In addition to Prosurv’s extensive Feature Code and Attribute support, Prosurv now allows you to hand-enter attributes in the PopUp Quick Codes window, in a separate text box.
      • Check shot with automatic inverse added to Topo/Sideshot routine. This is in addition to the Ra-dial Stake check shot capability.
      • 500 percent Speed Increase in Graphics Plotting (Prosurv CE).