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New Drafting Software from Kanotech Solutions 07.15.2003

July 15, 2003
Kanotech's new solution enables your organization’s drafters and contractors to more efficiently draft CAD standards-compliant mapping in Autodesk Map.

CivicCenter Data Capture and Standards Integration (CivicCenter Data Capture) software by Kanotech is the newest solution available to enable your organization’s drafters and contractors to more efficiently draft CAD standards-compliant mapping in Autodesk Map. Mapping produced using CivicCenter Data Capture will not only meet your quality needs but can also be imported directly into a CivicCenter GIS solution with a few mouse clicks!

CivicCenter Data Capture significantly reduces the overall time and dollar cost of producing a high-quality, standards-compliant drawing due to several factors: tools are provided to make drafters’ work easier, your quality assurance time is drastically reduced, and drawings that have passed the CivicCenter Data Capture automated quality assurance will not need blocks and layers to be altered to fit CAD standards. Thus, the net cost of producing high-quality, standards-compliant mapping, which used to include many person hours of your organization’s time to perform quality assurance and fix mapping, is much lower when using CivicCenter Data Capture.

The CivicCenter Data Capture tools enable your drafters and contractors to quickly and accurately create closed parcel polygons, insert Water, Sewers, Signs, and Emergency Support symbols, link symbols to database records, populate the infrastructure database records, and create the required files for Autodesk MapGuide Author to enable distribution of data in a Geographic Information System such as CivicCenter.

CivicCenter Data Capture makes it easy to produce high quality mapping by supplying users with quick-access toolbars & menus such as the one above. A “shrink-wrapped” solution that can be run out of the box with complete CAD standards ready to go, CivicCenter Data Capture can also be configured to use the existing CAD standards used by ANY government or utility entity—no programmer is needed to modify the standard enforced! Thus, whether using the supplied standards or implementing their own, government organizations will quickly realize a return on their investment through the decreased cost of high-quality, standards-compliant drafting using the CivicCenter Data Capture solution. Visit http://www.civicsoft.com to learn more about CivicCenter Data Capture.