New Recruit to Drive Sales at Laser-Scan 08.29.2002

August 29, 2002
Duncan will apply his knowledge within the geospatial industry to Laser-Scan's products, in particular the new Radius family.

Laser-Scan announced the appointment of Duncan Guthrie as Sales and Marketing Director. Duncan will apply his vast knowledge and experience within the geospatial industry to Laser-Scan's innovative products, in particular the new Radius family.

Duncan joins Laser-Scan with an impressive track record from Earth Resource Mapping, where he set up the successful reseller channel to drive sales of the company's ECW (enhanced compressed wavelet) format. He also designed and implemented the sales and marketing strategy for a second new product: Image Web Server. The ECW product is now recognised as the industry standard for image compression and Image Web Server enjoys a majority market share for image data distribution via the Web.

As Sales and Marketing Director, Duncan will have worldwide responsibilities for driving forward Laser-Scan's strategic themes. His key focus will be on generalisation (through the new Clarity product being developed by the MAGNET programme) as well as the server-side object extensions (through the Radius programme where Radius Topology in Oracle9i is the first product in this family).

Duncan will be based at Laser-Scan's office in the Cambridge Science Park in the UK.