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UCLID to Distribute Free Parcel Mapping Software at GITA 03.18.2002

March 18, 2002
Trial version of IcoMap for ArcGIS available to all GITA attendees.

UCLID Software announced that it will distribute a free trial version of the IcoMap extension for ArcGIS at this week's GITA conference. IcoMap is a parcel mapping conversion and maintenance package that works directly with scanned documents to create vector maps. The free trial version offers exactly the same features as found in the shipping version of IcoMap. Copies of the free software will be available at the UCLID Software Booth #1425.

Users of IcoMap report that they are able to work much more efficiently on their conversion projects--some customer sites have seen a 300 percent productivity increase. GIS professionals in local and national government and private industry have all reported significant time savings on their mapping and conversion projects. These time savings can be traced to IcoMap's patented Text-to-Vector technology, also known as point-n-click COGO because it reads scanned documents, such as legal descriptions and maps, to create COGO-accurate parcel maps through a point and click interface. IcoMap is also a valuable tool for maintaining an accurate parcel layer. Feature editing allows the user to make updates to individual lines and curves without redrawing an entire parcel. This feature makes it extremely easy to update and maintain the parcel layer. And, because the parcels are automatically linked to the source document, it is easy to maintain accountability. GIS professionals and surveyors have used IcoMap for years on the AutoCAD platform. The IcoMap for ArcGIS product is an extension for ArcMap so users of ArcView, ArcEditor and ArcInfo will be able to use it.