LBX Co. Selects ATS GPS Tracking Device to Manage Fleet

December 21, 2004
ATS will provide the vShepherd line of GPS asset tracking products and services to LBX.

ATS Asset Tracking Services Inc. (ATS), a provider of GPS tracking products and services, announced it has signed a significant deal with LBX Company LLC of Lexington, Kentucky. ATS's vShepherd tracking device is being installed on LBX's line of excavators including Link-Belt Earthmoving, Forestry and Material Handling Equipment.

The vShepherd merges Internet, cellular and global positioning system (GPS) technologies to form a powerful system for asset protection, fleet management and theft recovery. Recognizing the additional value vShepherd will provide to LBX's Link-Belt distributors, LBX Financial Services (LBXFS) plans to implement vShepherd in select excavator models within its leasing program. This will save Link-Belt distributors both time and money, as they will be able to accurately locate the position of Link-Belt equipment at any time, plan and schedule maintenance, and get hour meter readings of engine run-times. Distributors will also be able to utilize the FleetReach feature of vShepherd to view a weekly report showing the status of an entire Link-Belt fleet and highlight what machines need immediate service, creating efficiencies in planned maintenance.

Source: LBX, Dec. 2, 2004