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MapMart Announces Alliance with DigitalGlobe Inc

July 8, 2005
MapMart is now a direct reseller of QuickBird satellite imagery products.

MapMart, a division of IntraSearch Inc., announced its recent alliance with DigitalGlobe Inc. as a direct reseller of QuickBird Satellite imagery products via its Internet website www.MapMart.com. QuickBird products can be purchased directly through www.MapMart.com in standard panchromatic, multi-spectral or color (rgb) formats. The addition of QuickBird digital satellite imagery allows customers access to 2-foot multi-spectral imagery anyplace on earth. MapMart is a full service mapping and imagery solutions provider, providing its customers access to terabytes of imagery and mapping products via its simplified, easy-to-use internet website.

Source: MapMart, July 8, 2005